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Global Representation For Your Legal Needs

As a firm with a large staff and immense resources, we are well positioned to provide our clients with global representation that addresses the full scope of their needs. When issues such as business law and family law cross-pollinate, we are able to handle all aspects of a case in-house, leveraging the varying skills and backgrounds of our attorneys and paralegals. You can rely on our firm to resolve your issues in a way that will lessen the likelihood of collateral complications.

We maintain a global perspective in each case while protecting the interests of our clients. You can rely on us to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your case and the legal representation you need to succeed in negotiation or at trial.

Individuals of stature, including business owners, entertainers and other high profile members of the community are not immune from legal difficulties. When the stakes are high in a business dispute, a divorce involving complex property division, or contract negotiation, it is crucial to have a law firm capable of efficiently and effectively resolving your dispute while protecting your privacy.

At Boyd Contreras APC, our legal team possesses a broad range of legal knowledge and experience. We are fully prepared to meet the needs of our diverse clientele in Orange County and surrounding areas, including individuals with significant assets, business owners and entertainers.

We have built a strong reputation in Orange County and surrounding communities for achieving results while protecting the bottom lines of our clients. The hallmarks of our approach are:

  • Prompt and individualized attention
  • Extensive resources, including professional experts
  • Appreciation for the value of client time
  • Honest advice
  • A global perspective